Teaching Painting - A Conference 2015: THE BOOK NOW PUBLISHED BY AMAZON

Something of a belated post having attended this superb conference last year organised by Manchester School of Art and hosted by The Whitworth Gallery.  However, it's worth a blog page given the quality and number of papers delivered on the subject of teaching painting at Undergraduate level.  Most especially how painting can retain (and develop) it's unique scope within Fine Art education, and beyond, against restrictions of commodification/modulerisation etc.  Ultimately, a variety of voices heard over this two day conference but, interestingly, sharing a positive view about the future of painting in Fine Art education albeit through an equally varied lens which referenced some innovative methods of approach and visions.

It's worth keeping an eye on Manchester School of Art's dedicated
website http://teachingpainting.tumblr.com and the most exciting news - the accompanying papers are now published in a book available from
Amazon £14.86 and you can pre-order it now for delivery end September 2016. 
Teaching Painting: How can painting be taught in art schools?

I've pre-ordered mine! - list of contents below:

Maggie Ayliffe and Christian Mieves - Dirty Practice: Painting Workshops and the Hidden Curriculum - University of Wolverhampton
Gordon Brennan - Teaching Painting at Edinburgh College of Art: an awkward period of self-reflection and identity crisis, a work in progress
Ian Gonczarow: Teaching Painting as Research: Curriculum Strategy Post-Analogue
Sarah Horton and Sarah West - “10 + EXTEND”: how can we teach painting to students who already think they know what painting is? Norwich University of the Arts
Sean Kaye - Teaching Painting through Not Teaching Painting - Leeds College of Art & Design
John McClenaghen - Teaching Painters on General Fine Art Courses: Against Production - Glyndwr University
Dougal McKenzie - Step Away from the Screen, Please (Or, The Painting Student on the Road to Tarascon) - Belfast School of Art - Ulster University
Alistair Payne - On Painting: The Discipline, Interdisciplinarity and Indisciplinarity Teaching Painting Now - Glasgow School of Art
David Rayson - Teaching and Learning in… and out of the Studio - Royal College of Art
Liz Rideal - Straw poll: Painting is fluid but is it porous? - The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL
Craig Staff - Teaching Painting in the Expanded Field: Positioning, Pedagogy and Practice - University of Northampton
Sarah Taylor - Aspirational Beauty: Painting Class …the importance of personal narrative in painting - Leeds College of Art & Design
Joseph Wright and Stuart MacKenzie - Painting in a Contemporary Context: Teaching Painting: The value of Materials, Techniques and Skills - The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

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